​With Chinese New Year fast approaching, our focus is starting to switch from Asia towards alternative suppliers closer to home, such as Turkey.

Manufacturing is one of the biggest industries in Turkey, and exports to EU account for 45% of it’s export market. Of particular interest to us, is their expertise in glassware, metals, paper, textiles & plastics. There are many advantages for us to work with Turkish suppliers;

It’s closer, being closer to our suppliers is obviously preferable. We can travel easily to visit factories and suppliers, but the main benefit here is the transit time for shipping. Depending on the port and time of year, shipments can reach Dublin in 3 weeks.
Similar business practices and most suppliers will invoice in Euro.
Free trade agreements EU, importing from Turkey will generally not have a customs implication.
For the goods that we import, generally speaking, Asia is still miles ahead on production capacity, but from our experience the gap is not as wide as it may have previously been.
For more details on sourcing from Turkey, get in touch with one of our team sales@sweetspot.ie